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Looking for something spooky?

We take spooky season very seriously here at The Light and that's why we've made sure we've got Halloween films to suit all tastes from the not so scary to the truly terrifying! Read on to see what we have in store for you...

1. Host + Q&A

Let's start with the new kid on the block, Host. Filmed completely over lockdown, this new horror gives us major Blair Witch Project vibes and will stick with you for days after watching it. It sees a group of five friends hold a seance over Zoom and sees them end up in over their heads when they get way more than they bargained for.

Coming in with a running time of just under an hour, Host may be short and sweet but every single second will leave you on edge and the jump scares are executed to perfection! It also bagged director Rob Savage a film deal with horror heavyweights Blumhouse with most critics dubbing it as the best horror film of the year. This special showing is also followed by a Q&A with Rob Savage too!

2. Halloween

Michael Myers gets a glow up in the fully-remastered version of the iconic 1978 slasher, Halloween. A treat for any classic horror fans, this remaster was put together by the film's original cinematographer, Dean Cundey, and sees improvements made to both the lighting and effects throughout the film. Maybe Laurie might be a bit quicker at seeing him coming this time?!

If somehow you've not seen this legendary horror here's the lowdown for you. After murdering his younger sister one Halloween night, Michael Myers was locked away for 15 years until he makes his escape while being transferred for a court date. Not one for a quiet life, he heads back to his hometown and goes in search of some new victims.

3. The Craft Legacy

A follow-up to the '90s cult classic The Craft, a new set of aspiring witches band together in Blumhouse's The Craft: Legacy. A Triple F-Rated film, with the movie being directed by, written by, and starring women, this coven feel very 2020 and face problems that many teenage girls today can relate to.

Set on embracing their individuality and making sure no one ever underestimates the power of women, this film has all the power of the original and you can expect some of those iconic lines to make a return too.

4. The Exorcist - Director's Cut

We have no shame in admitting that The Exorcist still scares us more than just about any other horror film, in fact many will argue it's one of the best horrors of all time. Not having to rely on gore and jump scares, the 1973 film relies mainly on its solid acting, and William Friedkin's director's cut showcases this in all it's glory - especially in that iconic spider walk scene!

When a 12-year-old girl starts displaying bizarre behaviour after playing with a Ouija board, her mother brings in a priest who confirms she's been taken over a demon. What happens next I don't think we'll ever be braced for, even the most frequent of horror watchers.

5. Hocus Pocus

Now for something a little lighter, it wouldn't be Halloween without the legendary Sanderson sisters running amok on the big screen, so we're bringing this family-favourite back to cause some double bubble, toil and trouble!

After 300 years of slumber the sisters return to Salem one Halloween night leaving it up to a group of kids and their new cat to send the witches packing in this goofy Disney classic.

6. Saint Maud

It's not very often a new horror film comes around and absolutely blows your socks off, especially a British horror! Following ex-NHS nurse Maud, she's taken on a new role as an end of life carer for a once glamorous dancer with a terminal illness. But things quickly escalate with Maud becoming obsessed with saving her patient's soul.

With a tension that'll leave you uneasy throughout, and a few scenes that will leave your curling your toes and clutching onto your seat, you better be ready to meet your saviour in Saint Maud.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? Who knows! But one thing for sure is that's it's one of our favourite films for getting in the spooky/festive spirit. When Pumpkin King Jack decides scaring isn't really his bag he becomes obsessed with Christmas and sets out to kidnap the main man himself, Santa.

With it's addictive and haunting score, loveable characters, and seamless stop motion, we can't wait for Tim Burton's classic to return to the big screen.

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Marketing Manager

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